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I am so grateful that I get to assist my amazing clients. Here are some of the things that they have shared with me about what working with me has created for them.

Andy trained me for several months and continually amazed me with his level of understanding of the human body. He worked with me to achieve the appropriate amounts of mobility, stability and motor control to challenge my level of performance.

I appreciated the education he provided me with each workout and RPR session, which gave me a reason to train and better myself.

He cares deeply for each of his clients and their goals for performance and/or rehabilitation from injury.

~ Dr. Aaron Sandquist DPT

"I just wanted to let you know how incredibly effective the RPR in conjunction with the targeted exercise has been.  In just five weeks, my sciatic pain as reduced from an 8/10 pain do to 2/10 and sometimes zero.  My left foot has been numb for two years and now I have sensation on the bottom of my foot.  

Thank you so much and will be a lifelong customer."

~ Gayle Nash, RN

"I have had a couple distance Reiki sessions with Andy now and every time his intuitive guidance from our sessions blow me away. He has shared the exact guidance that I needed to hear in many areas of life at those specific times.

Andy is incredibly intuitive and his contagious good energy allows me to trust him fully during our sessions. I highly recommend a distance Reiki session with Andy if you’re feeling a bit out of balance or looking for some deep relaxation and re-alignment."

~ Sarah McGill

"Andy helped me become a better athlete. He focuses on how my body moves, and helped me to become stronger and to move efficiently and correctly when lifting. As well as on the field.

I had a great time every time I went to workout!"

~ Ryan R. Lacrosse HS All-American, Quincy University goalie

Andrew looking at client while working with her

"My whole being, body, mind and Soul, LOVE when I receive training sessions and energy work with Andrew!! It's INCREDIBLE how intuitively guided he is to pain, energy blockages, or movement practices that create SO much space and lightness.

Andrew communicates and hears the requirements of bodies in a way I've never experienced with anyone else. He effectively goes to pain and blockages, easily removes them, and all the while I feel very safe, secure, and seen.

I've been working with Andrew for over a year, and my neuromuscular/energetic systems and body feel more in tune, stronger, and balanced/harmonized. My overall being is HAPPIER and I recommend Andrew to everyone with energetic, physical, spiritual or emotional imbalance or pain."

~ Alex Ortiz, RN and reiki master

"Andrew has created an entirely different universe of training, unlike anything else on earth.

This is the future of human movement. I’ll never look at training the same again."

~ Nick

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